what you'll learn

  • Lesson 1: Why property investment makes sense as an asset class for so many people all around the world.

  • Lesson 2: Everything you need to know about the mechanics of investment performance, broken down into 4 parts - entry level, income, growth & ROI.

  • Lesson 3: The obvious and hidden downside threats in property investment and how you should protect yourself and your capital against risk - no matter what your chosen strategy.

  • Lesson 4: The most important practical considerations to think about before you start - where to find property, vehicles, tax, management and likely time costs.

  • Lesson 5: 10 investment personas - which are you and why does it matter?

  • Lesson 6: How to set and calculate a SMART goal to guide decision-making through your property journey.

  • Lesson 7: A practical exercise to decide and document your beliefs, attitudes and real estate investment preferences.

  • Lesson 8: This is worth the course fee on its own!!! The Investment Analyzer is the ONLY tool you'll EVER need for crunching the numbers, seeing the true picture, comparing & choosing deals.


power tools & software

  • Goal Calculator

    A neat little tool to work out how much your investments need to earn each year to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be in future.

  • Personal Scorecard

    Take a snapshot of where you are today by rating your requirements using the same framework developed throughout the entire course.

  • Investment Analyzer

    This tool is so powerful it will completely blow your socks off! Use it as a due diligence checklist, or to accurately model costs and returns.


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If you are not 100% satisfied with the course content and downloads, we'll instantly refund the cost at any time within 14 days of purchase.
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